Daily Brief: “Organic Facebook reach has become awfully tricky the past few years as the company has worked to better match users with relevant content. To get more than even a small percentage of followers to see page posts these days, brands generally have to pay for it, though there is at least one realm within the social network where the give-and-take remains unfettered by algorithms and other mysterious things that would digitally divide us: Facebook Messenger.

“People are still using social but moving away from writing on each other’s walls,” said Anna-Lucy Terry, director of audience development for the Mistress agency. “The WhatsApps and the Facebook Messengers are overtaking the social platforms, and the ways in which people share information and talk to brands.”

Mistress recently developed a Facebook Messenger campaign for Audience network’s new thriller Mr. Mercedes that shows what can be done with the technology: A chat-bot experience that uses artificial intelligence to let users talk one-on-one with the show’s sadistic serial killer, Brady. It’s a fun and unique way for a viewer to engage with the show, but even better, once that viewer is hooked, it’s a direct and unfettered way for the show to engage back.”

See the full article in the Daily Brief here.

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