Activating an Obsessable Fan Base for STARZ

Global entertainment giant, STARZ, was facing a challenge: viewers were watching their favorite show on STARZ, but not necessarily exploring other great content that the network offers. In order to send the message that STARZ was a brand dedicated to curating shows that their fans obsess over, they tapped Mistress to bring their brand message to life.

Cultural Moments

To increase conversation on STARZ’s owned social media channels, Mistress developed content around a number of timely and popular themes, including Christmas. For one microcampaign, a Facebook album and Instagram carousel were published, featuring the most popular characters throughout the STARZ show lineup, under a mistletoe. We asked fans who they’d like to meet under that mistletoe and, as you can imagine, the fans obsessed over it.Bowl1


Fans were obsessively debating about who is the best character to meet under the mistletoe.”


Leveraging an internet trend of digital e-cards, Mistress created Valentine’s Day cards highlighting top characters from cult-worthy shows, allowing fans to tag their obsessed friends and spread the love. Mistress also leveraged the a popular holiday trend, ugly sweaters, and made one featuring the face of one of the most popular characters on the STARZ channel.



Evergreen Content

Tapping into behavioral insights and audience relatability, Mistress developed easily scalable and repeatable social media concepts to drive recency, frequency, and ultimately, obsession around the STARZ brand.


Celebrating the Fandom

After realizing how much fan art was already being created around STARZ shows, Mistress used the opportunity to tap into the passion and obsession of fans already engaging online and amplify it. Leveraging user-generated content with dedicated hashtags, we created a fan art gallery showcasing some of STARZ’s superfans’ artwork.

The fans thanked STARZ, literally, for supporting their fans and highlighting their work, along with @tagging their social media accounts.”


Stunts & Activations: Obsessable Store

From sports to music to games, fans love to share their obsessions with the world through branded merchandise. So why not for television? Mistress developed a series of promotional show-themed concepts—from Ash vs Evil Dead toothbrush holders to American Gods nightlights—catering to STARZ’s super obsessed. Fans went crazy, asking if STARZ would launch these products and asked where they could get them.