Aperol Spritz

Bright, bubbly, and perfect for the daytime, the Aperol Spritz is Italy’s favorite spirit, but relatively unknown in America. So instead of creating a campaign, we created a movement. Introducing the Aperol Brunch Society, whose philosophy is that brunch is not a meal, but a lifestyle, and always served best with an Aperol Spritz.



Aperol Brunch Society

We piggy-backed the biggest trend in Millennial dining, and stormed a territory where cheap champagne would never defend a mimosa and no vodka would fight for a Bloody Mary. Occasion owned.

Our Sunday philosophy. Enough said. #AperolBrunchSociety

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Chief Brunch Officer

With the launch of the Aperol Brunch Society, came a new unbelievable job position: The Chief Brunch Officer. The CBO’s main role is to brunch through all the hottest restaurants in their city, drink Aperol Spritz with their friends, all summer, and… get paid for it.



Get Paid To Brunch

The job postings were built to be inherently shareable and were targeted at people who are already looking for new challenges in their life.



Meet the Candidates

We were inundated with amazing videos from influencers we’d never have been able to afford from all across America.

In a world where it is legally complicated to give away product to consumers, we beat the system and recruited the most exciting culture creating personalities to simply take the world for a Spritz at brunch.