Kingdom Season 2

AT&T’s Kingdom on AUDIENCE Network is set in the dramatic world of MMA fighting and the personal battles fighters face. With a dynamic ensemble cast of Nick Jonas, Frank Grillo, Jonathan Tucker and Matt Lauria, the show is at its core a family drama. To bring this story to life on social and support its Season 2 return, we set out to grow a passionate fan base on social.

Authenticity in MMA Culture

KINGDOM is filled with real and raw aspects of MMA culture.
Kingdom isn’t just a show; it’s an authentic representation of MMA fighting. The actors are trained and choreographed by real fighters, and the trainers and fighters on the show are real MMA fighters. We wanted to bring that authenticity to life across all our platforms, and speak to our MMA-loving fans in their own language. To do this, we created multiple micro-campaigns with a rich variety of content.


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Alvey’s Breakdown

The stars of Kingdom practically became MMA fighters during production. They trained and filmed with real UFC fighters and learned all the ins-and-outs of the sport. To share our insider connection to MMA, we mirrored a behavior in the MMA community at large: fight breakdowns. Just as fighters review and dissect tapes, we had our star and coach, Alvey, break down fight scenes from the show. Being cognizant of limited audio engagement on social, we created a dynamic design with type overlay to show his notes to his fighters.


Kingdom UFC Technique brakedown
Kingdom UFC Social Engagement


The Fights of Kingdom

To highlight the tentpole moments in the show-the fights- we chose to treat them like actual UFC fights. We created authentic fight posters and ‘weigh-in’ ‘coverage’ to mirror the big pre-fight moments that happen in the UFC and MMA community. By blending the real fighters who cameo on the show with Kingdom characters, we were able to elevate reach and engagement around our content and pump up the show for #fightnight.


Mendez versus clark kingdom ufc fight
Kingdom Fight Kulina versus the destroyer
Kingdom Fight Poster Kulina vs Maynard
The destroyer vs Kulina 2


Kingdom Fight Weigh In
Kingdom Referee Mike Beltran


You guys are the best and the social media group (YOU) are doing an amazing job! Love ya’ll


Kingdom Fan


UFC 200 Real-Time Influencer Activation

MMA fighter and influencer, Chuck Liddell, spent two days creating awareness and positive sentiment for our live activation at the biggest UFC fight of the year, UFC 200. He participated in all of our on-site events and posted about it to spread awareness. Knowing that many people would be turning to the internet for updates on the fight, he commented in real-time during the fight with GIFs. In addition, during the big fights, Liddell took over the Kingdom Twitter handle and provided live commentary on what was happening. Alongside Liddell’s involvement, Mistress ran a social sweepstakes, giving away tickets to UFC 200 and Fight Week to incentivize people to share their 360 photos from our on-premise activation.


Kingdom UFC 200 Real time influencer chuck liddell


Giphy Collaboration

For the event, we uploaded 100 pre-cut GIFs to GIPHY. Several GIFs trended to the front page and allowed for fans to continue using Kingdom in their online communication even after the season finale. Our GIFs received over 12 million views over the weekend, and impressions continue to increase. Check out Kingdom’s page on GIPHY.


Shadowboxing their Inner Demons

Every character in Kingdom battles with personal demons and inner struggles. From substance abuse, to troubled pasts, to uncontrollable rage – each of the characters wrestles with personal demons that are often kept secret. We chose to provocatively demonstrate our characters’ inner demons by visually representing their personal struggle and highlighting the contrasts between their strong and weak sides.


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kingdom ufc portrait social



Real-Time Creative

To continue the conversation around the show and bring in new audiences, we capitalized on cultural moments and existing social conversations. These real time responses allowed us to produce relevant, easily shareable pieces of content that were top-of-mind for our audience.


Social Brand Real Time Response
UFC Kingdom Ab Comparison



The characters in Kingdom are on their grind all day, everyday, but not just at the gym. They work hard to make ends meet in ways they might not always be proud of. We wanted to make these characters feel real, and show how their drive, persistence and strength bleed into all aspects of their lives.


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