Bad Girls Club

Reality TV series Bad Girls Club brings America’s most charismatic tough chicks under one roof. After 14 years of drama, laughs, and tears the show had grown a massive following on social media and fans were tuning in for the final season. To honor fans’ loyalty and give BGC the send-off it deserved, Mistress elevated the social content across all of BGC’s channels to a new level of badass.

Meet the Cast Posts

To play into fans’ hometown loyalty, we created “Meet The Cast” posts that pitted East Coast girls against West Coast girls. We borrowed from the famous East and West Coast hip hop rivalry of the early 90s and included a Bad Girl nickname for each cast member.

Bad girls club sayora exotica enigma
bgc shay firecracker fashionista
bad girls club seventh wonders of the hood


BGC17: #BGCWest

#BGC17 is comin’ in HOT! Meet the three chicas holding it down for the West Coast. 🔥🔥🔥 #BGCWest

Posted by The Bad Girls Club on Sunday, February 5, 2017

BGC17: #BGCEast

America ain’t ready for #BGC17. East Coast Divas, let’s get it done! 💋 #BGCEast

Posted by The Bad Girls Club on Friday, February 3, 2017


The Art of Bad Girl Warfare

One of the main reasons millions of diehard fans tune into Bad Girls Club is to see someone get their ass kicked. Knowing the appeal of the fight scenes, we played up the physical and verbal conflicts through the pillar “The Art of Bad Girl Warfare”. Each post used military language and was visually represented as a superhero comic book.

The art of bad girls warfare Oxygen TV


Bad Girl Advice

Fans don’t just love these girls for their badassery, they also admire Bad Girls street smarts, love of life, and sense of humor. In Bad Girls Advice, we wanted to show a different side to the cast and share some endearing pearls of wisdom.

So much for #NoNewFriends, right @missshaybae? #GrassIsAlwaysGreener #BGC17

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If it looks cheap, talks cheap, and acts cheap… It's cheap 💸💸💸 Preach, @therealKeyMarie! 🙌 #BGC17 #BGCWest

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The Baddest of Them All

From previous series, it was clear that fans always had a favorite bad girl. So to stimulate conversation, we created social posts that asked, “who is the baddest of them all?”. Straight after the airing of an episode, we faced-off two girls that had experienced the biggest altercation that week. At the end of the series, the girl that had received the most votes was crowned “The Baddest of Them All”. Spoiler alert: It was Briana.

Our Baddest of Them All series was incredibly popular on all 3 social channels, serving as an online hot-spot for conversation (and even a couple fights!) among BGC’s passionate online fan base. With just 12 social posts, this content series attracted ¼ of all post likes, and ⅔rds of all fan conversation.


THE FINAL POP OFF: @LovelySeven & @therealKeyMarie came for @bitcheslovebrixo & @kiyannamonae this week. Whose side are you on? #BGC17

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These girls got hands. Did @therealkeymarie overreact or was @bitcheslovebrixo throwing low blows? #BGC17

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BGC17: The Baddest

Selfie, selfie on the wall, who’s the baddest of them all? Votes are in. Queen Bri is the ultimate #BGC17 Queen Bee.

Posted by The Bad Girls Club on Friday, May 5, 2017

Bad Girls Club Who is the baddest of them all?