1915 Organic: Dig Deeper

Organic juice brand 1915 needed a refreshing point of view in a cluttered market. So, while everyone else was preaching detox cleanses and posting perfectly art directed yoga poses, we tapped into the brand’s farming heritage and introduced a new tone of voice, one that kept things down to earth.

The social and digital campaign pushed against millennial women’s rising social pressure to maintain an impossibly perfect wellness routine. #LetsDigDeeper empowered everyone to be their own guru when it came to wellness.



The campaign strategically launched in January, a month known for doubling down on New Year New You messaging.

Cfresh 1915 organic juice
Yoga Pants 1915 Organic Juice
Juice Cleanses 1915 Organic Cambells fresh


A Greener Lid

The campaign also included support of the bottle cap removal launch – an initiative that reduced the amount of plastic used for each bottle by 25%.

Greener Lid on organic juice c-fresh
All About that natural look
Less Plastic


#NoFilter Art Direction

While competitors focused on instagram perfect bottles set against mosaic tiles and sunsets, we got dirty visually differentiating 1915 Organic and digging into our farming roots.

1915 organic juice cleanses
Low sugar. is that trending? we thought that was normal - 1915 organic
Equally as healthy if you drink it in fancy yoga pants or college sweats