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You know that well-used ‘Springfield University 10k Fun Run’ t-shirt that you refuse to get rid of? The shirt for the run that you did with your best college friends, the year you got in shape enough to run a 10k? And didn’t you meet that cute guy that weekend, too?

Yeah, that t-shirt. That simple, wonderful t-shirt that reminds you of one of the best times of your entire adult life.

We were looking to celebrate the amazing power of the humble screen-printed t-shirt to create bonds and mark the milestones of our life. And do this while simultaneously conveying the functional benefits and advantages of CustomInk, America’s largest custom apparel maker. Hence, two parallel campaigns – the more emotional “All Life’s Events” tracking the t-shirts that tell our stories, and “Steve the Spokestopus”, CustomInk’s biggest fan, who is only too happy to tell you about all the reasons to pick CustomInk.

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