Discover Los Angeles

Los Angeles is not just a city. It’s also a magical backdrop of endless skies, urban beauty, grit and glamor that conjure up feelings every bit as special and unique as the city’s physical attractions.

So for Discover Los Angeles’ latest campaign, Mistress wanted to entice travelers to see Los Angeles through a different lens and moved the brand away from traditional tourism checklist campaigns – instead creating beautiful visual metaphors that captured the emotion of an L.A. moment. Each film brings to life the mood and magic of visiting an iconic Los Angeles location and inspires travelers to come and experience something far deeper than a token selfie.

We wanted to convey the experience of getting into the L.A. frame of mind and invite viewers to feel the palpable energy of the city.

Don Skeoch

Chief Marketing Officer for Discover Los Angeles

Super Bowl Launch

Mistress launched the campaign with a 60-second brand film that brought to life the the magical feeling of visiting the Griffith Observatory at dusk with a performance choreographed by international artist Jodie Gates.

Discover Los Angeles Super Bowl Commercial Giffith Observatory


Brand Film: Chill

Shot at the iconic Roosevelt Hotel, Mistress collaborated with balloon artist Geronimo Balloons to recreate the feeling of one of L.A.’s most quintessential and coveted millennial L.A. experiences – relaxing poolside.

Discover Los Angeles TV Advertisement


Brand Film: Electric

Riding along Venice’s boardwalk as the sun begins to set is nothing short of electric. To bring to life the vibrant energy of one of Los Angeles’ most famed tourist attractions, Mistress used a cloud of neon smoke and a swarm of street performers, skateboarders, and cyclists reflective of the boardwalk’s colorful characters.

Los Angeles Tourism Ad Campaign Venice

Cinemagraphs and Social Posts

Capitalizing further on the visual impact of the balloon installation, the film was edited into short cinemgraphs and GIFS optimized for Instagram.



Outdoor Billboards and NYC Station Takeover

Striking visual metaphors brought “that L.A. feeling” to life in key markets through a global outdoor billboard campaign. And in the thick of a New York City winter, a bright and colorful Union Station takeover reminded chilly commuters of the vacation they could be having in Los Angeles.


Discover Los Angeles OOH Campaign
Los Angeles Tourism OOH Advertising
Discover LA Ad Campaign


New York Subway Time Lapse


Branded Content and Activation: Everyone Is Welcome

Following Trump’s proposed travel ban, Discover Los Angeles and Mistress teamed up once again to ensure the world knew Los Angeles was the welcoming place it’s always been. Mistress, with the help of hundreds of Angelenos, created a human-powered billboard visible to incoming planes touching down at LAX. Each of the giant welcome signs was timed to incoming flights based on their origin, using real-time flight tracking information and many months of preparation.

Discover Los Angeles Welcome To LA