Without pure water, there could be no Finlandia. That’s why they’re passionate about supporting pure water projects and recently partnered with not-for-profit 1% For the Planet.

To announce the initiative, Mistress didn’t just create a campaign. We created a cause: #4PureWater.



Increase in
Brand Awaraness


Social Media


Increase in
Brand Affinity


The #4PureWater Campaign

We rallied people around a moment in time, World Water Day, and launched with a 60″ anthemic film that inspired everyone to show their support #4PureWater on social media. For every photo posted with the hashtag, Finlandia donated an extra dollar to the initiative.


Influencer Innovation

A targeted influencer program used big-name surfers, snowboarders, ocean photographers and other authentic water ambassadors to spread the message.

Mistress has helped us build Finlandia into a dynamic challenger brand in an extremely competitive environment. They created a cause marketing platform that emotionally connected with our consumer, and established a lighthouse identity for the brand. Their entrepreneurial approach leads them to find creative solutions to tough challenges. What sets Mistress apart is the positive, can-do attitude that is ingrained in their people and culture.


Brand Manager, Brown-Forman


On Premise and Point of Sale

Encouraging people to raise a glass for #4purewater when they already had a glass in their hand gave the social campaign momentum. Inspiring them to create their own signature ‘cheers’ made the process more fun and made for more shareable posts.


Project Summary

Within three weeks of launch, the campaign was viewed more than 10 million times, garnered over 371,000 likes and shares, and most importantly raised an extra $10,000 for pure water projects.