FX Trust

For the premiere of FX Network’s Trust, Mistress crafted a go-to-market social campaign for the television series based on the life and times of one of America’s wealthiest families. Knowing that all eyes would be on the highly-anticipated show online and off, Mistress was tasked with pre-launch buzz, in-season community management, and post-season sustainment. To set the first season up for social success, we crafted a two-part formula to foster a community of loyal viewers: deliver consistently outstanding creative, and pair it with an active audience management strategy. Applying a rich-meets-modern visual aesthetic inspired by antique elegance, Mistress produced more than 400 unique assets that kept fans engaged and tuned-in.



To tease the upcoming Trust season, Mistress prepared a pre-launch campaign, setting the tone for the look and feel of Trust’s social pages, while also introducing the characters to fans. In the week leading up to the show, we built anticipation and intrigue with tune-in-driving countdown videos, star-powered character cards, and a Facebook canvas ad inspired by a 1973 magazine.


Once the show premiered, we applied our 80/20 rule, creating tried-and-true content, while also experimenting and optimizing new creative formats and executions. This included live tweeting and three taskforce activations.

Mistress engaged fans throughout the season with Sunday live tweets based on the thematic storyline. One of the most successful ongoing activations was Sunday live tweets, where Mistress engaged the community in real time. Not only did these live conversations inform creative insights and optimize future interactions, our audience management tactics recruited new fans and further engaged our current ones.

To insert Trust into conversations, increase awareness, and drive tune-in, we created three culture-moment based taskforce activations to engage fans. During the season we co-opted the popular idiom, “If I had a dollar,” live-tweeted #TaxDay2018, and rewarded our fans during the finale with a customized Trust dollar. Not only were we able to seed Trust into relevant conversations online, we leveraged the conversations to build anticipation for the shows, up through the series finale.


Although the show was over, we wanted to continue to keep our current fans engaged and continue to grow our community with cord-cutters and binge watchers.
We transformed the Trust Instagram handle into a a mosaic dollar bill. The mosaic was built to summarize the season storyline. Hidden behind each tile was a short video clip recapping a key moment from the show.


Unique Assets