Garden Fresh Gourmet Salsa

Campbell-Fresh’s Garden Fresh Gourmet Salsa needed help standing out in a growing and cluttered category while driving consumer preference for an increasingly commoditized product.

Inspired by the brand’s small town origin, Mistress developed an authentic, relatable and quirky tone-of-voice that celebrated the unique aspects of GFG Salsa’s humble story, great product and unique process.

The #SalsaAsItShouldBe campaign humorously plays on the typically dry fine print seen in ads to explain why GFG Salsa is the only kind of salsa worth enjoying – from their hand-cut ingredients to mixing their small batch salsa in five gallon buckets. The work incorporates illustrated elements paired with delicious product shots designed to stand out amongst the typical salsa lifestyle imagery published by other brands.

Creative Approach

Mistress developed the #SalsaAsItShouldBe campaign to highlight Garden Fresh Gourmet’s unique salsas and the unconventionally non-industrial way they’re made. In an effort to differentiate the brand through a suite of visually compelling work, illustrated elements were paired with delicious product shots to stand out amongst the typical salsa lifestyle imagery used by competitors.

Garden Fresh Prepared in small batches
Garden Fresh Salsa
Garden Fresh Salsa Made With the Finest Ingredients
20 Years of Tradition in every bite - C-Fresh Salsa


Leveraging Moments

Mistress also developed moments-specific versions of our creative approach to leverage key salsa occasions in an ownable way.


C Fresh Salsa For the Big Game
Garden Fresh Salsa Poster Fiesta In Your Mouth
Garden Fresh Salsa The finest Dip You'll take all summer


Optimizing For Social

We identified ways to optimize our text-heavy creative concept for social media by leveraging platform-specific formats to communicate #SalsaAsItShouldBe.



Lifestyle Photography Deconstructed

We also developed assets that mixed lifestyle photography and illustrated components in unconventional ways, to stand out from other salsa competitors while still maintaining the delicious appeal of the product.

Garden Fresh Salsa Lifestyle Photography Advertising
Garden Fresh Salsa Jacks Special