Going Purple for the Planet

As part of a continued engagement with Sambazon, industry pioneer and market leader in the organic açaí category, Mistress crafted #PurpleForThePlanet, an ambitious social-good movement that harnessed user-generated content to protect biodiversity in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. The campaign was originally launched with the lofty goal of saving 30 endangered species in 30 days between Earth Day (April 22nd) and World Biodiversity Day (May 22nd) of 2018; however, response to the campaign was so overwhelmingly positive that this initial goal was achieved less than halfway through the activation window. In the end, #PurpleForThePlanet over-delivered by 81% above the original participation goal, protecting over two hundred endangered species from extinction in a single 30 day span.

The initiative tapped social, digital, experiential, and traditional channels to champion environmentalism in a unique way—by pledging to protect 5 acres of Amazon rainforest for every person who colors their hair purple (either digitally or IRL) and uploads a photo onto social media. Given that scientists estimate one species is lost to extinction for ever 584 acres of rainforest that are cut down, #PurpleForThePlanet simply needed to garner ~3500 posts to ensure the protection of 30 endangered species, giving the entire activation a powerful, inspiring cause to rally behind. Overall, #PurpleForThePlanet nearly doubled this number, inspiring thousands of volunteers to go purple and help protect hundreds of Amazon species from the endangered Giant Otter, to White-Bellied Spider Monkey, to the Jaguar.


#PurpleForThePlanet Social Campaign

Harnessing the power of user-generated content, Mistress tapped students, activists, and the general public to use social media as a tool for genuine environmental change.


Leveraging Hollywood & Influencers

In addition to organic content, Mistress harnessed the power of influencers and paid media to amplify the social campaign. Celebrities like Madelaine Petsch and Vanessa Morgan from “Riverdale” and Jonathan Van Ness from “Queer Eye” lend their voices (and hair) to the cause, as well as influencers like The Merrell Twins, Krispy Shorts, Christie Ferrari, Jordyn Wieber, Science.ig, and Fuck Jerry.



Species Saved




Acres of
Rainforest Saved


Posters & Online Video

To support the campaign, both online and off, the Mistress team designed posters and produced a video to build awareness and educate volunteers about going #PurpleForThePlanet.

Sambazon Purple for the planet Poster
Social Good Brand Activation Purple For The Planet
Sambazon Saving 30 species in 30 days
Sambazon Save the rainforest specifies brand campaign



IRL Activation

#PurpleForThePlanet wasn’t limited to the online community. The campaign also called on the Los Angeles community to attend an activation on Venice’s famed Abbot Kinney Boulevard. The event featured hairstylists, hair coloring stations, Instagrammable backdrops, and photo booths, all to help guests go purple for the planet.