GSP Resurrection

The world’s first documentary written entirely by fans. Supporting nine-time MMA World Champion Georges St-Pierre from career-ending injury through his triumphant return to professional fighting.

Welcome to GSP Resurrection.


Real-Time Documentary

Every two weeks, the NOS Facebook page posted a subject area to talk about. Fans were pushed to delve deep into the psyche of this fallen champion and get to the truth about how hard life on the road back to pro-athlete fitness really, truly is.


One to One – Fan to Champion

Wherever he was in the world, whatever he was doing, GSP responded to the fan personally.


Total Coverage for Every Step

This cycle of Q&A continued all year long. But we also broke exclusives on GSP, hitting huge milestones, and became the go-to news source for GSP’s recovery story.




The Return

A year later, we had our finale. GSP came back stronger than he’s ever been, and ready to take on the world.

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