Hampton Hotels

Hampton Hotels has been popular with business & older leisure travelers for years, but with a new generation entering the marketplace, Mistress was tasked with raising awareness and trail amongst Millennials.  Knowing Millennials value peer opinions above all else, we set out to construct what became one of the first-ever influencer campaigns, tapping influential travel bloggers to create a campaign by Millennials, for Millennials, and shared by Millennials.



Hampton Suites Influencer

We identified influential travel bloggers & college football fans, sent them to Hampton Hotels around America and asked them to update their social channels along the way via the hashtag #Hamptonality. We then compiled all the pictures, videos and experiences into two :30 second spots which were featured on MTV.com, Hulu, Pandora and ESPN.


Alysha is a lot more energetic in the AM than I am. #hamptonality #latergram

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I was hungry that morning. #latergram #hamptonality

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Hold my calls, I don't wanna leave this bed. #hamptonality

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Overall, the campaign yielded a 26% and 103% increase in engagement on Facebook and Twitter, respectively, and amplified conversation around the brand by 11%.

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