I Love Movies, IMAX Movies

Big screens, massive resolution, immersive sound quality – ask any movie fan and they will tell you that these tech specs are the hallmarks of the IMAX experience. But what these fans may not realize is that the reason IMAX strives to provide such a technologically superior entertainment experience is because this is a brand that loves movies just as much as fans do.


This love of movies is what drives IMAX to do everything that it does. It’s the reason the brand has spent the past 50 years pushing the limits of engineering, to create technology specifically for the top of Everest, the bottom of the ocean, and the weightlessness of space. And it is this love of movies that Mistress has tapped into as the heart of IMAX’s 2016 global brand campaign.


Imax Brand Poster Global Campaign
I feel movies poster
I live movies Brand Poster
imax brand key art for i love movies campaign


Brand Film

Mistress boldly proclaimed IMAX’s love for movies in a massive, cinematic 60-second brand film: the first commercial ever to be shot entirely in IMAX. An epic love letter to the medium of movies, the brand film pays homage to all of the genres that make IMAX so special, and serves as a reminder to fans everywhere of all the reasons they love movies.

Imax Global Brand Video

Print and Digital Campaign

Print ads introduced IMAX’s new, impassioned mantra – “I Feel Movies, I Live Movies, I Love Movies, IMAX Movies” – accompanied by images of awe-struck movie lovers completely immersed into various movie worlds. In addition, animated digital posters, banners, and cinemagraphs touted the campaign messaging in key out-of-home locations, and online.



Influencer Partnerships and Activations

A series of activations and influencer partnerships centered around major tentpole movie releases rounded out the 2016 campaign. A collaboration with Youtuber and fellow movie lover Action Movie Kid done shortly before the release of Captain America: Civil War garnered over 7.5 million views worldwide, and similar pieces of content and promotion are planned throughout the remainder of the year.

Action Movie Hero Kid IMAX Brand Activation for Captain America Film




Behind the Scenes