In Q4 2016 IMAX planned to take the next great leap in immersive entertainment technology by launching IMAX VR.

Our work spanned from developing the strategic lens on the launch of the brand within the larger IMAX corporation, through to full development of the brand’s identity. Mistress created a full brand identity and style guide of the main brand (IMAX VR) as well as all key entities within the IMAX VR brand (like the IMAX VR Experience Centres and Headsets). From the OOH efforts around the launch of the flagship Experience Centre, to developing, launching and managing the social efforts for the brand overall, Mistress locked arms with IMAX on their latest opportunity for consumers in immersive entertainment.

Brand Identity

From strategic approach and logo design to fully fleshed-out brand identity guidelines, Mistress developed the full guardrails for which the IMAX VR brand will live within the global rollout of other IMAX VR Centres. This work was complete with assets and toolkits for partners of the brand and all its extensions – including the Experience Centre.



As a part of the IMAX VR Experience Centre flagship launch in Los Angeles (featured on Mashable and in the LA Times), Mistress developed creative for an out-of-home buy, using fans as the talent. The creative touts the idea that IMAX VR isn’t just a passive, sit-and-watch entertainment experience – it is truly immersive and active – one in which you become the hero of any story you choose.

Imax VR out of home billboard Hollywood

Imax OOH ad campaign
OOH Advertising for Imax Brand


After launching the L.A. Experience Centre locally through OOH, Mistress worked closely with IMAX to get a social and platform strategy to get the brand off the ground, to prepare for the global launch of the brand. Mistress developed and executed against the creative and audience development social approach for the budding brand across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter platforms. The agency also led content capture, development and community management, setting the brand’s social presence up to be home base to educational awareness as the brand expands.

Imax VR Instagram Social Feed Mosaic