The Cocaine Godmother

When it came time for Lifetime to launch Cocaine Godmother, their highly anticipated biopic starring Academy Award winner Catherine Zeta Jones, they enlisted Mistress to lead social creative. With our premium approach to social storytelling, we built a highly engaging suite of mixed media assets that drummed up engagement and elevated the channel’s social content.

Introducing The Many Faces Of Griselda

The notorious Griselda Blanco was known by many names. To bring to life the multifaceted personality of one of the world’s most ruthless drug lords, we created cinemagraphs and key art specific to her titles La Madrina, The Black Widow, Cocaine Godmother, and Queen of All Kingpins.

Cocaine Godmother Damnation for the weak


The OG Feminist

She-E-O Griselda Blanco was putting bullets in the glass ceiling before the term even existed. Using video and graphics, we re-skinned pop culture female empowerment memes with a Cocaine Godmother style twist.

Cocaine Godmother Social Media Marketing Movie


The Facts Of Life

She was the first to use motorcycle executions and smuggled drugs in the lingerie of beautiful models. These are just a few of the notorious stats Mistress brought to life through snackable facts, boomerangs and GIFs.