Maryville University

For nearly 150 years, Maryville University, (St. Louis, MO) has been bravely disrupting a paralyzed and elitist higher education system in an effort to create greater access to university-level degrees. From being the first to offer higher education to women in their region, to pushing the boundaries and preparing students for a digital world, and freezing tuition for the 2018-2019 academic year (while competitors have announced tuition increases ranging from 3-10%), Maryville has always been a pioneering force for change.

Also, Maryville University knows it takes courage to go back to school and get a degree online, especially while balancing adult and student life. So for their first national broadcast campaign, it made sense to position our creative around bravery; inviting prospective students to be brave alongside Maryville and choose the University to start their journey back to school and to earn their degree online.

Introductory Spot – “Hello America”

The theme of the introductory film, “Hello America”, is disruption. It calls attention to our nation’s broken higher education system and highlights ways Maryville University has continued to disrupt the paralyzed and elitist higher education system to put their students first.


The decision to return to school as an adult is one of the bravest ones a student can make.”

Kevin Capitani

President – Pearson, North America


“Tribute Manifesto”

The second spot is a tribute to the 30 million 25-40–year old working adults who have started a college degree, but haven’t yet finished. It’s also for those prospective students who are not willing to accept the status quo and are bravely taking steps to go back to school.


“I am Brave”

For the last installment of the “Let’s Be Brave Together” campaign, we follow prospective students who have questions about going back to school and getting a degree online. The spot highlights the outcome of their first steps, and also celebrates the fact that Maryville is developing degree programs in partnership with the businesses that will be employing the leaders of tomorrow. Because Maryville’s success can only be measured by its students’ success.


Maryville prides itself on partnering with industry leaders to enhance student access and success. Our partnership with Pearson on the ad campaign, marketing and recruitment of online students enables us to focus on excellence in our course development and delivery. Together, we will better educate thousands of students who want and deserve a high-quality college education.”

Mark Lombardi

President, Maryville University