Sambazon owns 90% of the US Açaí market, but only 10% of people are familiar with the brand. Mistress was tasked with raising the brand’s awareness and affinity among Millennials/Gen Z and “Smoothie Moms” to circumvent commoditization of Açaí.

To do this, Mistress distilled down the multi-dimensional aspects of the Sambazon brand – from being a successful triple-bottom-line business, to creating USDA Organic, Fair Trade and non-GMO Açaí products – into the idea of pushing against a world of “OR” by standing for “AND.”

The campaign encourages people to join Sambazon’s #TribeofAND to live a fulfilling life without compromises, from making healthy AND delicious food choices, to feeling empowered to indulge in our passions AND making a positive impact in the world.


Year of 201&

The “AND” campaign launched on New Years Day with messaging around “The Year of &” to leverage the key time when consumers are thinking about their resolutions. The goal is to let them know that they can enjoy Sambazon frozen berry packs without feeling guilty because they are delicious AND healthy AND good for the world. In addition to key hero creative, the campaign was supported by paid and organic social posts to drive awareness and sales of the product.

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