Mistress partnered with health shake brand Shakeology to create a social campaign fueled by shareable content.  The plan targeted cost, ingredients and specific moments.
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Another Victory For Supernutrients

Supernutrients give superfoods their transformative qualities – and Shakeology is full of them. Yet most people (including the brand’s own coaches and fans) had no idea of their importance to a healthy diet or their benefits. An integrated campaign simplified a complex message with the help of some super-heroes and some unhealthy villains.



With every glass of Shakeology, this free radical buster is on your side. #Supernutrients

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The Antioxidant Adventures of Bilberry continue! Tune in to Facebook this Sunday night to see Bilberry take down a pretender. #Supernutrients

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What It’s Worth To…

Shakeology is more expensive than the sugar-filled juices that masquerade as healthy, and although most of the target audience knew this, the end-result of doing right by your body is often overlooked by the dollars and cents.

The “What’s It Worth To…” social campaign engaged consumers and coaches with a reminder of Shakeology ’s emotional benefits and truths. The takeaway being that Shakeology’s value is more than just a dollar amount.




New Year, New Habit

As January appears every year, so do our lists of resolutions. Aligned with this insight, Shakeology was positioned as the one good habit that can help kick a lot of the unhealthy ones.

This campaign broke brand engagement records for Shakeology.


Super Berry Battle | Bilberry VS Blueberry Muffin
Wouldn’t it be great to have a superhero who had the power to create health? Well, with its Supernutrient powers, Shakeology is that superhero. Supernutrients are what’s inside superfoods – it’s what makes them so good for you.Drinking a glass of Supernutrient-rich Shakeology everyday gives your body the nutrition it needs to boost immunity, increase energy, curb cravings, and more. In this battle, Bilberry’s antioxidant powers take on blueberry muffin.
Superhero Supernutrients

Shakeology Battle | Supernutrients VS Donut
Donut finds himself in mixed company and it doesn’t end well.
Superhero Supernutrients