Dating Naked

VH1’s new show “Dating Naked” was about so much more than nudity. It was about love. Without limits, boundaries or pants. So to launch it, we took all the issues America, and the world at large, were divided on. A bubbling undercurrent of racism. A turning tide in the fight for LGBT rights. A battle over body beauty. And the right to love whomever you want.

We bore it all forth, proudly parading it naked through LA, live and all in one continuous shot, to create a raging debate on a global scale, and cement Dating Naked as a flagship show for VH1.


Beyond their creativity, Mistress succeeds by tapping into a ‘universal truth’ that makes their content connect brands with consumers in a deep, emotional way. This is what makes their work so clever, thoughtful and shareable—and what made their PromaxBDA Award-winning video piece for VH1’s Dating Naked hit over one million of views in less than a week and helped millions of viewers tune in to one of the most talked-about series of last Summer.


VP Brand Marketing & Planning, VH1