Hot Wheels For Real III: World’s Best Driver

World’s Best Driver is an epic half-hour (22 minutes without commercials) movie that aired online, on TV and cinema, and was distributed in over 33 languages around the globe. Team Hot Wheels compete over seven different disciplines within a huge multi-terrain racecourse in vehicles specially created for the content. From this content and through a partnership with Warner Brothers, a console video game was created.

New Product Development – Video Game

In each of the Hot Wheels For Real campaigns, new products have spun off the work. This year was no different with a product aimed at an audience that had left Hot Wheels behind years earlier: teens. Instead of more physical Hot Wheels products, a virtual one. The World’s Best Driver Video Game.


Based on Hot Wheels For Real III: World’s Best Driver movie, a video game is created where kids can now join in the ranks of Team Hot Wheels – an elite group of world-famous professional race and stunt drivers. They can now compete for the coveted title: “World’s Best Driver” over 70 thrilling events in four Hot Wheels Test Facility, locations around the world.

For the first time, kids can also experience the legendary world of the Hot Wheels Test Facility where the latest and greatest Hot Wheels creations were born.


Behind The Scenes Episodes

Every blockbuster movie has Director’s Commentary and Behind The Scenes, and World’s Best Driver was no different. Seven BTS episodes hosted by champion BMX star (and Green Team leader) Aaron Ross took fans
behind the scenes of the movie, showing the amazing 100%-real stunts and how the best drivers in the world
pulled them off.